​Compression Stockings for Oedema

Thursday, 8 October 2015  |  Admin

Edema, Oedema, Dropsy, Hydropsy, people may have different ways of naming it, but they can all agree that this condition that causes excess fluid to gather just beneath the skin  is not at all pleasant.

Oh Dear, Oedema!

Oedema is quickly recognisable by the irregular swelling it causes. It can occur anywhere on the body and is especially dangerous if it occurs on the eyes, lungs or brain. There are even cases of it affecting faces, causing them to swell as they lie down throughout the night. Most commonly though, oedema occur in the legs and ankles.

Oedema can be ‘pitting’ or ‘non-pitting’. Pitting oedema means that anything that touches the affected area leaves an impression that takes some time to disperse, similar to how memory foam holds a shape. Non-pitting oedema features similar levels of swelling, but not this peculiar shape-retaining trait.

Keeping It Under Control

Compression stockings are commonly recommended for sufferers of oedema. The compression is proven to help prevent fluid from continuously gathering and those who don’t wear compression garments compared to those who do have been shown to suffer from much larger amounts of fluid settling in their limbs. Compression therapy was found to be effective even with a compression level as low as 8 mmHg. 

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For some people, oedema can occur only sometimes, at the end of the day following a day’s work where legs have been stationary for long hours. Compression stockings can help prevent this swelling occurring in the later hours of the day, as well as lessen the discomfort of it.

For occasional swelling most people should find a class 1 compression stocking to be sufficient, more regular swelling can benefit from class 2. If class 2 does not provide an ample enough amount of pressure then the move to a higher compression class should be discussed with your doctor first, especially as there may be a underlying cause in need of identification.

Any signs of oedema as well as the idea of wearing stockings should be discussed with your doctor, not all patients are suitable candidates for compression therapy, so make sure you know compression stockings are right for you before you buy them!

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