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Juzo Dynamic Class 2 Compression Arm Sleeve

Juzo Dynamic Class 2 Compression Arm Sleeve

  • Compression Class 2 (23 - 32 mmHg)
  • Highly durable garment
  • For use in lymphology & scar treatment
  • Maximum containment of all Juzo sleeves

Juzo Dynamic Class 2 Compression Arm Sleeve

The Juzo Dynamic Class 2 Compression Arm Sleeve is for use in lymphology and scar treatment and is a specialized compression garment for the arms. Offering great levels of comfort and effectiveness, this sleeve is perfect for a wide range of conditions.

The Juzo Dynamic range offers the most effective levels of containment of the Juzo arm sleeve range.

Features of the Juzo Dynamic Class 2 Compression Arm Sleeve

Juzo draws on a vast history of health care and craft to create their ranges of fine compression garments, complete with features that make arms feel their best:

Juzo's Soft Fabric: Super-soft materials have been chosen by Juzo to create the most comfortable compression garments for limbs in need of an extra boost whether going through recovery or going about every day life.


Juzo's Fine Mesh Fabric: The velvety transparency and exceptionally fine knit make this compression
stocking perfectly suited for everyday use or for special occasions and is a versatile addition to your wardrobe.

  • Class 2 levels of compression (RAL 23-32 mmHg)
  • The highest level of containment from Juzo's arm sleeves
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications
  • Available in a knitted or silicone top band depending on your preferences 
  • Low-key beige colour that doesn't detract from your style
  • Soft and flexible design that doesn't hinder movement

Juzo Dynamic Class 2 Compression Arm Sleeve Indications

  • After a breast operation: It is common for an arm lymphedema to form due to damage to the lymph vessels and the removal of lymph nodes. An essential component of any therapy, as a follow-up to lymph drainage, is compression therapy. The compressive and intense massaging effect - in particular in the case of flat-knitted garments - helps maintain the reduced arm circumference achieved by manual lymph drainage.

  • Healing of scars: Particularly in the case of scar therapy, a well-fitted compression garment reduces the bothersome itchiness. The uniform surface pressure helps heal the scar area and leads to a reduction in scar thickness. Compression therapy can also be beneficial for long standing scars.

  • Therapeutic pressure in scar therapy: The constant surface pressure exerted by the compression garment enables the scarred area to heal more quickly. The consistency of the raised scar begins to change within just a short time, and the scar tissue becomes softer. The redness of the scar tissue recedes and the scar thickness decreases. Scar shrinkage, and the resultant joint stiffness, is also reduced.Even long standing scars can benefit from compression treatment.

  • Lymphedema: An accumulation of lymphatic fluid in the tissue. The affected region is highly swollen, and the affected person suffers from a feeling of tension, pain and restricted movement.In a long-standing lymphedema, the connective tissue hardens (induration). This is confirmed by the clinically important Stemmer's sign: The skin on the fingers can no longer be pinched into a normal fold, and cannot be lifted or is difficult to lift. Wearing compression garments can help with the treatment of lymphedema.

Juzo: The Highest Standard


CE Mark: Juzo compression fabrics fulfill all the requirements of the Medical Products Act and European Council Directive 93/42/EEC meeting safety standards.

ISO certification: Juzo implemented its general quality management system back in 1998, and was one of the first companies in this industry to be certified to these high standards so you can be certain you are buying the best quality.


Quality Seal RAL: All medical compression stockings from Juzo comply with the relevant RAL standard, ensuring they are safe and effective to use.


Oeko-Tex Standard 100:  This globally-standardized and independent testing and certification system has certified Juzo as a manufacturer of user and environmentally friendly products, surpassing the existing standards of national legislation.

Product Codes

Size Knitted Top Band Silicone Top Band
X-Small 3512/Beige/CG/I 3512/Beige/CG/I/SIL
X-Small (max) 3512/Beige/CG/I/MAX 3512/Beige/CG/I/SIL/MAX
Small 3512/Beige/CG/II 3512/Beige/CG/II/SIL
Small (max) 3512/Beige/CG/II/MAX 3512Beige/CG/II/SIL/MAX
Medium 3512/Beige/CG/III 3512/Beige/CG/III/SIL
Medium (max) 3512/Beige/CG/III/MAX 3512/Beige/CG/III/SIL/MAX
Large 3512/Beige/CG/IV 3512/Beige/CG/IV/SIL
Large (max) 3512/Beige/CG/IV/MAX 3512/Beige/CG/IV/SIL/MAX
X-Large 3512/Beige/CG/V 3512/Beige/CG/V/SIL
X-Large (max) 3512/Beige/CG/V/MAX 3512/Beige/CG/V/SIL/MAX
XX-Large 3512/Beige/CG/VI 3512/Beige/CG/VI/SIL
XX-Large (Max) 3512/Beige/CG/VI/MAX 3512/Beige/CG/VI/SIL/MAX

Sizing Your Juzo Compression Garment

Click the image below to view Juzo's sizing chart for the Dynamic arm sleeve range.

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Indications of Juzo Dynamic Compression Arm Sleeves

Juzo Classic Dynamic Arm Sleeves are suitable for the following situations:

  • Lymphoedema (especially after a breast operation)
  • Healing of scars
  • Therapeutic pressure in scar therapy

It is vital to always consult with a doctor before choosing compression garments to wear and the level of compression that you need should be decided by a professional. Compression is not intended for use in lieu of medical consultation and our staff cannot advise you about your condition.

Sizing of the Juzo Dynamic Arm Sleeve

Please use the chart below to find the size of Juzo Dynamic Arm Sleeve that is necessary for your requirements. Measure the circumference of your arm (in centimetres) at the indicated points and use the data to find the appropriate size. If your measurements are inconsistent with a single size, we advise that you pick the largest size necessary to ensure the best level of comfort.

Please click on the chart below to view an enlarged version

Juzo Classic Sizing Chart

Please be aware that these arm sleeves are available in "normal" and "max" version. Max codes are shown in the lighter green boxes on the chart.

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