JOBST: Pioneers of Compression Garments

27 January 2021

In 1950 Ohio, USA, a man named Conrad Jobst founded the JOBST company. Using his expertise in mechanical engineering and his own personal experience of venous disease, he developed gradient compression garments for managing swelling and chronic venous insufficiency. Since then, the company has continued to strive for outstanding compression therapy treatment.

Humble Beginnings

Conrad Jobst discovered the value of gradient pressure in treating venous conditions when he realised standing in a swimming pool made a difference to his own symptoms. After successfully producing elastic stockings that would achieve the same effect, he founded the JOBST company so he could share his amazing treatment with the world.

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Global Acclaim

Even after his death, the JOBST range continued to flourish under Conrad's wife, Caroline Jobst. Due to the quality and efficacy of their products, JOBST quickly became an international name, and are now trusted by patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals worldwide.

JOBST are adamant that both quality and medical standards of of their products never slip. Today, they word under Swedish Essity AB, a global health and hygiene company, and alongside Health & Medical Solutions (HMS) who are dedicated to healthy lifestyles for all.

Tailored Compression for You

Compression therapy can aid all kinds of conditions, but there's no one garment that can give everyone the relief that they need. That's why JOBST have an extensive collection of models and compression levels, so you can find the perfect treatment for you.

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Founded On Research and Feedback

Having kept Conrad's legacy in mind, JOBST have never forgotten the importance of personal experience when it comes to testing products. In addition to extensive testing in laboratories and stringent quality controls, they participate in interviews with medical professionals and customers, so they are able to tailor their garments to current needs and demands.

JOBST Never Stints on Style

JOBST want you to live life to the fullest, and they certainly don't believe compression garments should get in the way of your fashion choices. They've put together an extensive collection of colours and stocking styles, so you can get targeted relief from your condition, and still rock your favourite looks!

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Want More JOBST?

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