Compression Stockings 101

26 February 2024  |  Alex
Where to Start with Compression Stockings

Are you looking to use compression hosiery but don't know where to start? This is the perfect guide on Where to Start with Compression Stockings!

1 Comment28 January 2021
Where Can I Buy Compression Stockings for Varicose Veins?

With so many models, styles and compression levels available, it can be hard to find the right pair of stockings for certain conditions. We've put together this guide to help you find the best compression stockings for your varicose veins.

21 January 2016
Mum's the Word: Maternity Compression Stockings

Ladies, are you about to join the millions of women who have experienced pregnancy? For many, this is a wonderful time, a period when you feel the most feminine, the most excited, and filled with joyful expectation you glow with good health and vitality...and then there’s your feet.

6 January 2016
Compressed to Impress: Fashionable Stockings

Compression stockings? You need to wear compression stockings? You? But you’re fashionable and stylish, you like to look your best, how on earth are you supposed to make a pair of thick, unflattering compression stockings look good? Easily, in fact!

16 October 2015  |  John
Benefits of Compression Socks Infographic

Find out more about our fantastic range of compression socks with this handy infographic. Whether you are looking for socks that will prevent discomfort and potentially threatening conditions while on a plane or socks for sport, Compression has got you covered. Compression socks combine discretion with efficacy to ensure that your legs receive the support that they need.

9 October 2015
​What Are Gradient Compression Stockings?

Gradient compression stockings are so effective because they’ve been made with the knowledge that the level of compression your calf or thigh needs isn’t the same as what you ankle probably requires. Your leg isn’t the same from top to toe, so neither should your stockings be!

1 Comment8 October 2015
Putting On Compression Stockings Tips and Tricks

As we keep telling you to get yourself some compression stockings, we thought we’d do the responsible thing and make sure you also know how to get into them, so here’s Part 1 of our guide for how to put on compression stockings!

8 October 2015
Wearing ​Compression Stockings After Sclerotherapy

Aiding the medical treatment of vein conditions is what compression stockings do best! Sufferers of varicose veins will know this better than most and have probably enjoyed the relief and even correction that can come with a good pair of compression stockings. If you’ve decided to take the plunge and go under the knife for varicose vein surgery, though, compression stockings can still help you out by helping you have a happy and healthy recovery.

8 October 2015
​Compression Stockings for Oedema

Edema, Oedema, Dropsy, Hydropsy, people may have different ways of naming it, but they can all agree that this condition that causes excess fluid to gather just beneath the skin  is not at all pleasant.

8 October 2015
Flying in Compression Stockings

Squashed seats, no leg room, crowded like cattle, flying economy is even scarier now Economy Class Syndrome exists.

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