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JOBST Classic Unisex RAL Class 2 Sand Knee-High Compression Stockings with Open Toe

JOBST Classic Unisex RAL Class 2 Sand Knee-High Compression Stockings with Open Toe


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  • Durable, circular knit compression stockings
  • Ideal for treating venous and lymphatic conditions
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Provides a comfortable fit even when you're active

JOBST Classic Unisex RAL Class 2 Sand Knee-High Compression Stockings with Open Toe

The JOBST Classic Unisex RAL Class 2 Sand Knee-High Compression Stockings with Open Toe is a lower limb garment for both men and women designed to provide effective compression therapy, comfort and durability. They have a seamless, circular knit that feels soft on the skin, and are made with elastane for improved flexibility and easier donning. Due to the permeability and strength of their construction, they are great for busy, active days.

Key Features

  • Compression: Class 2 RAL (23 - 32mmHg)
  • Length: Below the knee
  • Toe Style: Open Toe
  • Colour: Sand
  • Purchase Quantity: One Pair

Which Size Do I Need?

When selecting a pair of compression stockings, you want to make sure you get the right fit so compression is applied correctly along your leg. The JOBST Classic Compression Stockings are available in two lengths and six sizes, so both men and women can find a suitable match for their leg shape.


To find your perfect size, please measure the circumference of your forefoot (cA on the diagram below), heel (cY), ankle (cB), mid-lower calf (cB1), mid-upper calf (cC) and below your knee (cD). Match these measurements as closely as possible to the table below.

JOBST Measurement Guide

Forefoot and Heel Measurements

Size Forefoot (cA) Heel (cY)
Size I 17 - 22cm 26 - 31cm
Size II 19 - 24cm 28 - 33cm
Size III 21 - 26cm 29 - 35cm
Size IV 23 - 29cm 31 - 37cm
Size V 25 - 32cm 32 - 38cm
Size VI 27 - 34cm 33 - 40cm

Ankle and Mid-Lower Calf Measurements

Size Ankle (cB) Mid-Lower (cB1)
Size I 18 - 20cm 23 - 27cm
Size II 20 - 22cm 24 - 29cm
Size III 22 - 24cm 26 - 32cm
Size IV 24 - 26cm 29 - 35cm
Size V 26 - 28cm 31 - 37cm
Size VI 28 - 30cm 33 - 39cm

Mid-Upper Calf and Below Knee Measurements

Size Mid-Upper (cC) Below Knee (cD)
Size I 28 - 34cm 27 - 33cm
Size II 30 - 37cm 29 - 36cm
Size III 33 - 40cm 32 - 39cm
Size IV 35 - 43cm 34 - 42cm
Size V 37 - 46cm 36 - 45cm
Size VI 39 - 49cm 38 - 48cm


Once you have found your correct size using the table above, you can measure which length you need by measuring from just below the kneecap to the bottom of your foot (the measurement lD on the sizing chart above). Once you have your measurement, please match it to the table below.

Size Leg Length (lD)
Petite 34 - 39cm
Regular 39 - 45cm

Who Can Benefit from the JOBST Classic Compression Stockings?

The JOBST Classic Compression Stockings were designed to offer versatile everyday wear for both men and women. With a plain, discreet appearance and a tough yet flexible composition, they can gently relieve lymphatic and venous conditions, and are perfect for wear on busy days.

What Conditions Are the JOBST Classic Compression Stockings Suitable For?

The JOBST Classic Compression Stockings have a Class 2 compression class, and can therefore be used to treat a range of mild to moderate venous and lymphatic conditions. These indications are listed below.


The JOBST Classic Compression Stockings are suitable for the following applications and conditions:

  • Chronic leg pain or fatigue
  • Varicose veins
  • Swelling caused by mild oedema
  • Alongside certain surgical procedures (e.g. sclerotherapy)
  • To aid in the treatment of orthostatic or postural hypotension

Why Should You Choose the JOBST Classic Compression Stockings?

  • Unisex compression stockings with a subtle, elegant appearance
  • Made without seams for improved fit and comfort
  • Suitable for both males and females
  • 'Active Comfort' elastane yarn enhances flexibility
  • Higher level of flexibility improves comfort and allows for easier donning
  • Available in six different sizes and two lengths

How Do the JOBST Compression Stockings Work?

If the valves in your veins malfunction, blood and other fluids may not flow through your limbs correctly, potentially leading to pain and swelling. By applying pressure with increasing intensity from your ankle upwards, the JOBST Classic Stockings can mobilise the fluids in your leg to effortlessly alleviate your symptoms.

What Colour Are These Stockings?

These stockings are light beige colour which allows individuals with fair skin to achieve a nude, natural look. This range also includes a darker beige colour called 'pearl', which is suitable for those with slightly tanned skin.

What Is the Benefit of the Open Toe?

If you don't require compression on the entirety of your foot, you may find an open toe garment more comfortable. This is because they offer improved air flow to and from your feet, and won't squeeze your toes.

How Do I Put the JOBST Classic Compression Stockings On?

Compression garments can be difficult to get on due to their snug-fitting nature, but the enhanced flexibility of the Classic Compression Stockings can make the process a little easier. It can also help to put your stockings on first thing in the morning when there is less swelling, and to turn the stockings inside out beforehand.

How Comfortable Are These Compression Stockings?

Unlike some compression garments, the JOBST Classic stockings provide a high level of breathability so you won't have to worry about perspiration or overheating. At the same time, their elastane 'active comfort' construction ensures your movements are never restricted for unparalleled comfort, making them the perfect pair of stockings for full on days.

Which Level of Compression Do I Need?

These stockings have a compression level of RAL Class 2, meaning they apply 23 - 32mmHg of gradient pressure to your legs. This is considered a moderate level of compression, suitable for addressing mild to moderate conditions such as varicose veins, mild oedema and severe fatigue.

Check with your doctor before purchasing these garments to ensure these stockings are right for you.

Product Codes

Petite Length Product Codes

Size Petite
Size I 77402-12
Size II 77402-13
Size III 77402-14
Size IV 77402-15
Size V 77402-16
Size VI 77402-17

Regular Length Product Codes

Size Regular
Size I 77401-12
Size II 77401-13
Size III 77401-14
Size IV 77401-15
Size V 77401-16
Size VI 77401-17

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Indications of Jobst Class 2 Compression Stockings

All Jobst leg wear has been designed to deal with a number of venous and lymphatic conditions. Products of Compression Class 2 strength (23 - 32 mmHg) have the following indications:

  • Primary or secondary Lymphoedema in ISL stages II - III with some shape distortion
  • Post-traumatic and post-operative oedema
  • Moderate oedemic tendency
  • Children between the age of 6 and 12 years with Lymphoedema
  • Lipoedema
  • Phlebo-lymphoedema
  • Tired, heavy legs
  • Moderate to severe varicosis
  • Moderate to severe pregnancy related varicosis
  • Following vein surgery
  • Supports sclerosing therapy
  • Chronic venous insufficiency
  • Help to prevent recurrent venous ulcers
  • Arthritic patients with reasonable dexterity
  • Following initial treatment of superficial thrombophlebitis

It is vital to always check with your doctor before purchasing a new compression garment and your doctor should be able to advise you on which compression strength you need. It is a good idea to receive frequent advice, as it is possible that your condition may change with time. Please be aware that staff at Compression have no medical training and our website should not be used in lieu of medical consultation.

Contraindications of Jobst Compression Stockings

Though Jobst Compression Garments can deal with a wide range of conditions, there are a number of Contraindications that must be remembered to ensure proper use.

Jobst Compression Stockings Should not be worn in cases of:

  • Ischaemia
  • Uncontrolled congestive heart failure
  • Untreated septic phlebitis
  • Plegmasia coerulea dolens

While the above conditions are considered absolute contraindications, problems can arise if you use compression stockings with the following conditions:

  • Immobility
  • Skin infections
  • Weeping dermatoses
  • Incompatibility to fabric
  • Impaired sensitivity of the limb
  • Ill-fitting compression garments may cause skin necrosis, pressure-related peripheral nerve damage and deep vein thrombosis

The following conditions require a physician's advice before using a compression garment:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Complex regional pain syndrome
  • CRPSD (M. Sudeck)
  • Malignant Lymphoedema
  • Gangrene

It is important to consult a medical professional before you purchase any compression stockings, regardless of whether you think that any of the above conditions apply to you. Staff at Compression are not medically trained and our website is not intended to be used in lieu of professional medical consultation.

Sizing for the Jobst Bellavar Knee High Compression Stockings

To find the correct size of Jobst Bellavar Compression Stockings, please refer to the chart below. Measure the circumference of your legs at the points indicated and then select the size that is best suited to your requirements.

Jobst Bellavar Below Knee Compression Stockings are available in two lengths: Short and Long. To discover which length you require, please measure your leg at the point labelled "ID" on the chart below.

  • Short: 36 - 39cm
  • Long: 40 - 43cm

Please click on the chart below to view an enlarged version

Jobst Bellavar Thigh High Stockings Sizing Guide

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