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JOBST Elvarex RAL Class 2 Beige Compressions Arm Sleeve
 JOBST Elvarex RAL Class 2 Beige Compressions Arm SleeveJOBST Elvarex RAL Class 2 Beige Compressions Arm Sleeve 

JOBST Elvarex RAL Class 2 Beige Compressions Arm Sleeve


(Inc. 20% VAT) (£60.83 Exc. VAT)

  • Seamless compression sleeve for the arm
  • For mild to moderate lymphoedema
  • Discreet, beige-coloured design
  • Offers 20 - 30mmHg of compression

JOBST Elvarex RAL Class 2 Beige Compressions Arm Sleeve

The JOBST Elvarex RAL Class 2 Beige Compressions Arm Sleeve is an affordable, non-invasive solution to lymphoedema and venous conditions in the upper limbs. It has a breathable, wide-mesh composition, and a specially designed knit which lightly 'massages' the skin for better mobilisation of fluids.

Key Features

  • Compression: Class 2 (20 - 25mmHg)
  • Length: Underarm to wrist
  • Finger Style: Without mitten
  • Colour: Beige
  • Purchase Quantity: One Sleeve

Which Size Do I Need?

Compression sleeves are designed to fit tightly against your arm to provide the correct level of compression, so it is important to take extra care when selecting a size. To check which of the three available Elvarex Sleeve sizes will fit you, refer to the measuring guide below.


The size of your sleeve will depend on the thickness of your arm. To find the correct size, measure the circumference of your:

  • Wrist (C on the diagram below)
  • Mid-forearm (D)
  • Elbow, bent at 40° angle (E)
  • Mid-upper arm (F)
  • Upper arm, two finger widths below your underarm (G)

Measure Your Arm as Shown Here

Wrist and Mid Forearm Measurements

Size Wrist (C) Mid-Forearm (D)
Small 16 - 18cm 25cm
Medium 18 - 20cm 25 - 28cm
Large 20 - 22.5cm 28 - 31cm

Elbow, Mid-Upper Arm and Upper Arm Measurements

Size Elbow (E) Mid-Upper Arm (F)
Small 23.5 - 26cm 25.5 - 29cm
Medium 26 - 29cm 29 - 32cm
Large 29 - 33.5cm 32 - 37cm

Upper Arm Measurements

Size Upper Arm (G)
Small 30.5 - 34.5cm
Medium 35 - 39cm
Large 39 - 44cm


Next, you can check that the sleeve will fit you length-wise by measuring from just below your underarm (G1) to your wrist (C). This should measure about 45cm for the sleeve to fit you properly.

Who Can Benefit from the JOBST Elvarex Sleeve?

The JOBST Elvarex Sleeve is a comfortable, discreet compression garment ideal for any individual with lymphoedema or venous conditions affecting the arm. It has a soft flat knit that allows your skin to breathe, and special fabric which provides 'micro-massages' for the skin.

What Conditions Is the JOBST Elvarex Sleeve Suitable For?

The JOBST Elvarex Sleeve provides a RAL Class 2 level of compression, which is suitable for treating certain mild to moderate conditions of the arm. A list of indications can be found below.


The JOBST Elvarex Sleeve can be used for the following conditions and applications:

  • Painful or fatigued arms
  • Swelling caused by mild oedema
  • Mild to moderate lymphoedema of the arm
  • Versions for the left or right arm available

Why Should You Choose the JOBST Elvarex Sleeve?

  • Sleeve is a plain beige colour for discreet wear with any outfit
  • Offers 20 - 25mmHg of compression
  • Fabric allows skin to breath to prevent overheating
  • Special knit helps to lightly massage the skin
  • Fabric does not bunch in the folds of skin

How Does the JOBST Elvarex Sleeve Work?

Certain conditions can cause blood and lymphatic fluids to build up in your limbs, leading to pain and swelling. JOBST compression sleeves applies gradient pressure to your arm, forcing the movement of fluids from your wrist upwards and thereby relieving your symptoms.

Is This Compression Sleeve for the Right or Left Arm?

To provide an anatomical fit and more effective compression, the JOBST Elvarex Sleeve is available in either a right or left sided version. You can choose the right side for your needs using the drop down box at the top of the page.

What Colour Is This Sleeve?

This sleeve has a medium beige colour which offers discreet wear for those with light to medium skin tones. It is not excessively bulky, so can be worn on its own or under clothing as long as it is not very tight-fitting.

Is This the Correct Compression Level for Me?

The JOBST Compression Arm Sleeve has a RAL Standard of Class 2, and therefore provides 20 - 25mmHg of pressure. This is considered a moderate level of compression therapy, suitable for treating mild-moderate conditions like chronic pain and fatigue.

Please speak to your doctor before selecting a compression level however, as this information is only intended as a guide.

Product Codes

Size Left Right
Small 7610101 7610100
Medium 7610103 7610102
Large 7610105 7610104

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Sizing of Jobst Elvarex Arm Sleeves

Use the table below to find the correct size of Jobst Elvarex Arm Sleeve for your purposes. Please measure the circumference of your arm at the specified places.

Click on the chart to view an enlarged version

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