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Sigvaris Comprefit Unisex Adjustable Beige Calf Compression Sleeve

Sigvaris Comprefit Unisex Adjustable Beige Calf Compression Sleeve


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  • Inelastic compression device with firm, secure fit
  • Ideal for treating chronic venous insufficiency
  • Offers convenient alternative to bandaging
  • Easily adjustable for fluctuations in limb fluid volume

Sigvaris Comprefit Unisex Adjustable Beige Calf Compression Sleeve

The overlapping bands of the Sigvaris Comprefit Unisex Adjustable Beige Calf Compression Sleeve can be easily adjusted, allowing for fluctuations in limb fluid volume and maximising your comfort. An excellent alternative to bandaging, this inelastic wrap is equally suitable for wear during the day or night.

Key Features

  • Compression: (30 - 40mmHg)
  • Length: Calf Length
  • Colour: Beige
  • Purchase Quantity: Single Wrap

Which Size Do I Need?

Due to the close-fitting nature of compression wraps, there are a wealth of sizes available to help you find a fit that is right for you. The Sigvaris Comprefit Wrap is available in the following versions:

  • Size: Small - XX-Large
  • Length: Regular or Tall (Depending on the length of your leg)

Size and Style

To find your perfect size, please measure the circumference of your ankle (B on the diagram below), below calf (B1), calf (C) and above calf (D). Match these measurements as closely as possible to the table below.

Sigvaris Measurement Guide

Ankle and Below Calf Measurements

Size Ankle (B) Below Calf (B1)
Small 20 - 29cm 24 - 34cm
Small (Tall) 20 - 29cm 21 - 31cm
Medium 29 - 39cm 29 - 39cm
Medium (Tall) 29 - 39cm 25 - 35cm
Large 25 - 36cm 33 - 43cm
Large (Tall) 25 - 36cm 30 - 40cm
Extra Large 32 - 42cm 41 - 51cm
Extra Large (Tall) 32 - 42cm 36 - 46cm
XX-Large 33 - 43cm 44 - 55cm
XX-Large (Tall) 33 - 43cm 40 - 50cm

Calf and Above Calf Measurements

Size Calf (C) Above Calf (D)
Small 29 - 39cm 29 - 39cm
Small (Tall) 26 - 36cm 26 - 39cm
Medium 34 - 44cm 34 - 44cm
Medium (Tall) 31 - 41cm 34 - 44cm
Large 39 - 49cm 39 - 49cm
Large (Tall) 35 - 45cm 39 - 49cm
Extra Large 48 - 58cm 48 - 58cm
Extra Large (Tall) 44 - 54cm 48 - 58cm
XX-Large 55 - 65cm 55 - 65cm
XX-Large (Tall) 50 - 60m 55 - 65cm


Once you have found your correct size using the table above, you can measure which length you need by measuring from your fibular head to the outer ankle bone (the measurement L1 on the sizing chart above). Once you have your measurement, please match it to the table below.

Size Leg Length (L1)
Short Less than 30 - 35.9cm
Long Greater than 36 - 42cm

Who Can Use the Sigvaris Comprefit Unisex Adjustable Sleeve?

This inelastic compression device is a great alternative for those who don't want to trouble with bandaging. It can be worn equally well during either the day or night, depending on when you require it, and is designed to fit both men and women. The sleeve is easily adjustable, providing ideal support for patients suffering from complex conditions.


The sleeve is suitable for the following conditions and uses:

  • Stage I or II lymphoedema
  • Chronic Venous insufficiency
  • Post-surgical oedema

What Makes the Sigvaris Beige Calf Compression Sleeve Different?

  • Modern neoprene fabric is easy to care for
  • Can be easily adjusted to reflect the volume of fluid in your limbs, allowing for maximum comfort
  • Ideal for use during the day or night
  • Provides support and ensures a firm, secure fit
  • Includes pair of non-compressive basic liners
  • Machine washable for maximum convenience

How Does the Sigvaris Adjustable Beige Calf Sleeve Work?

Venous conditions such as lymphoedema can occur when blood does not flow from your extremities as freely as it should. To combat this, Sigvaris Compression Sleeves apply graded compression for your legs, which helps to encourage the flow of blood from your feet and legs. The compression is strongest lower down and tapers off the higher up your leg, thereby preventing swelling and inducing an upwards flow of blood.

What Colour Is The Sleeve?

The sleeve is available in black or beige. This sleeve is supplied in a light, beige colour. To see our full range of colours and styles visit our Sigvaris Unisex Inelastic Wraps page.

What Are the Advantages of the Slotted Band System?

Bandages can be a pain to fasten and unfasten, which is why the overlapping band system offered by the Sigvaris sleeve is such a great alternative. It allows for easy adjustability of the sleeve, which can reflect fluctuations in limb fluid volume. Thanks to the band system, the sleeve will conform to the contours of your leg.

Which Level of Compression Do I Need?

The sleeve has a compression level of 30 - 40mmhG. This is a high level of compression and can be used to treat more severe conditions. If you are unsure of which level of compression you require, we strongly suggest referring to a medical professional.

What Are the Benefits of the Latex-Free Construction?

The sleeve is latex-free, which will come as a huge relief to the high number of people suffering from latex allergies. The sleeve is hypoallergenic and skin-friendly.

What Materials Is the Sleeve Made From?

  • 30.5% Cotton
  • 64% Nylon
  • 5.5% Polyethylene
  • Latex free

Product Codes

Size Normal
Small 1111-NFBKR
Small (Tall) 1111-NFBKT
Medium 1112-NFBKR
Medium (Tall) 1112-NFBKT
Large 1113-NFBKR
Large (Tall) 1113-NFBKT
Extra Large 1114-NFBKR
Extra Large (Tall) 1114-NFBKT
XX-Large 1115-NFBKR
XX-Large (Tall) 1115-NFBKT

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