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Sigvaris Style Opaque Class 2 Knee High Black Compression Stockings

Sigvaris Style Opaque Class 2 Knee High Black Compression Stockings


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  • Compression hosiery with a stylish design
  • Suitable for mild oedema and venous conditions
  • Opaque black design perfect for work and casual use
  • Offers 15 - 20mmHg of compression to increase blood flow

Sigvaris Style Opaque Class 2 Knee High Black Compression Stockings

For a pair of compression stockings that are fashionable and robust, look no further than the Sigvaris Style Opaque Class 2 Knee High Black Compression Stockings. Supplied in a bold colour that covers your natural skin tone, these stockings offer all the medical benefits of compression stockings but resemble standard stockings or tights.

Key Features

  • Compression: Class 2 Afnor (15 - 20mmHg)
  • Length: Knee High
  • Toe Style: Closed Toe
  • Colour: Black
  • Purchase Quantity: One Pair

Which Size Do I Need?

Due to the close-fitting nature of compression stockings, there are a wealth of sizes available to help you find a fit that is right for you. The Style Opaque Stockings are available in the following versions:

  • Size: Extra Small - XX-Large
  • Style: Slim, Standard and Plus (Depending on the circumference of your leg)
  • Length: Normal or Long (Depending on the length of your leg)

Size and Style

To find your perfect size, please measure the circumference of your ankle (cB on the diagram below) and calf (cC). Match these measurements as closely as possible to the table below.

Sigvaris Measurement Guide

Size Ankle (cB) Calf (cC)
Extra Small (Standard) 17 - 19cm 27 - 35cm
Small (Slim) 19 - 22cm 22 - 30cm
Small (Standard) 19 - 22cm 30 - 38cm
Small (Plus) 19 - 22cm 38 - 46cm
Medium (Slim) 22 - 24cm 25 - 33cm
Medium (Standard) 22 - 24cm 33 - 41cm
Medium (Plus) 22 - 24cm 41 - 49cm
Large (Slim) 24 - 26cm 29 - 37cm
Large (Standard) 24 - 26cm 37 - 45cm
Large (Plus) 24 - 26cm 45 - 53cm
Extra Large (Slim) 26 - 29cm 32 - 40cm
Extra Large (Standard) 26 - 29cm 40 - 48cm
Extra Large (Plus) 26 - 29cm 48 - 56cm
XX-Large (Standard) 29 - 32cm 43 - 51cm
XX-Large (Plus) 29 - 32cm 51 - 59cm


Once you have found your correct size using the table above, you can measure which length you need by measuring from just below the kneecap to the bottom of your foot (the measurement lD on the sizing chart above). Once you have your measurement, please match it to the table below.

Size Leg Length (lG)
Normal Less than 40cm
Long Greater than 40cm

Who Can Use the Sigvaris Style Opaque Stockings?

The Sigvaris Style Opaque Stockings are designed for use by women who want a fashionable compression stocking that is durable enough to withstand all day wear. The thick, opaque design of this stocking is suitable for both work and casual use, especially during autumn months.


The stockings are suitable for the following conditions and uses:

  • Management of early stages of chronic venous disease
  • Mild lymphoedema
  • Mild lipoedema
  • Varicose veins
  • Pre- and post-vein treatment with minimal oedema
  • Travel or flight use

What Makes the Style Opaque Stockings Different?

  • Opaque design is perfect for women who want a stylish compression stocking in a block colour
  • Double-covered inlaid yarns make the stockings comfortable and allow the stockings to glide on and off
  • Designed to be gentle on the skin with a latex-free construction to reduce the likelihood of allergic reactions
  • Breathable design prevents build up of moisture for better comfort and hygiene

Click here to see the full Style Opaque Range.

How Do the Sigvaris Stockings Work?

Conditions such as lymphoedema can be occur when blood does not flow from your extremities as freely as it should. To combat this, Sigvaris Compression Stockings apply graded compression to your legs, which helps to encourage the flow of blood from your feet and legs.

What Colour Are These Stockings?

These stockings are supplied in the colour black, which has a dense, dark hue. This colour completely covers your natural skin tone for a bolder look, and is versatile enough for both casual or professional wear.

Sigvaris Style Opaque Compression Stockings are available in the following colours:

  • Beige Rose
  • Black (This product)
  • Marine

To shop the various colours, please see our full range of Sigvaris Style Opaque Stockings.

How Easy Are These Stockings to Put On?

By their nature, compression stockings can be a little difficult to put on. However, the double-covered inlaid yarns used in the Sigvaris Style Stockings allow them to glide on and off with ease.

Which Level of Compression Do I Need?

These stockings have a compression level of Afnor Class 2, which equates to 15 - 20mmHg of pressure. This is a light-to-moderate level of compression and may not be suited for more severe conditions. If you are unsure of which level of compression you require, we strongly suggest referring to a medical professional.

What Materials Are the Stockings Made From?

  • Polyamide (72%)
  • Elastane (28%)

Please note that this may differ slightly for different styles and compression classes. All Style Opaque Stockings do NOT feature any latex, making them suitable for latex-allergy sufferers.

Product Codes

Size Normal Long
Extra Small (Standard) 301448 301454
Small (Slim) 301484 301488
Small (Standard) 301449 301455
Small (Plus) 301500 301505
Medium (Slim) 301485 301489
Medium (Standard) 301450 301456
Medium (Plus) 301501 301506
Large (Slim) 301486 301490
Large (Standard) 301451 301457
Large (Plus) 301502 301507
Extra Large (Slim) 301487 301491
Extra Large (Standard) 301452 301458
Extra Large (Plus) 301503 301508
XX-Large (Standard) 301453 301459
XX-Large (Plus) 301504 301509

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