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Sigvaris Traditional Unisex Class 2 Beige Compression Arm Sleeve
 Sigvaris Traditional Unisex Class 2 Beige Compression Arm SleeveSigvaris Traditional Unisex Class 2 Beige Compression Arm Sleeve 

Sigvaris Traditional Unisex Class 2 Beige Compression Arm Sleeve


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  • Durable natural rubber for stabilised compression
  • Ideal for treating stage I and II lymphoedema
  • Available with either grip top or shoulder cap
  • Highly breathable large-mesh fabric structure

Sigvaris Traditional Unisex Class 2 Beige Compression Arm Sleeve

The durable natural rubber of the Sigvaris Traditional Unisex Class 2 Beige Compression Arm Sleeve will provide stabilised compression, supplying both prevention, treatment and maintenance therapy. The large-mesh fabric structure allows for a high degree of breathability, and the impressive water-resistance and longevity of the sleeve demonstrates both convenience and high-value.

Key Features

  • Compression: Class 2 RAL (23 - 32mmHg)
  • Length: Underarm to wrist/palm
  • Finger Style: Available with or without hand piece
  • Top Band Style: Available with or without dotted grip top band
  • Colour: Beige
  • Purchase Quantity: One Sleeve

Which Size Do I Need?

Compression sleeves can be fairly tight-fitting, so it's important that you find the right size for you. The sleeve is available in the following versions:

  • Size: Small - Large
  • Length: Normal or Long (Depending on the length of your arm)

Size and Style

To find the right size for you, start by measuring your upper mid arm (cF on the diagram below), your mid forearm (cD) and your wrist (cC).

Match these measurements as closely as possible to the tables below.

Sigvaris Measurement Guide

Size Wrist (cC) Mid Forearm (cD) Upper Mid Arm (cF)
Small 13 - 16cm 20 - 24cm 24 - 30cm
Medium 16 - 19cm 24 - 28cm 30 - 36cm
Large 19 - 22cm 28 - 32cm 36 - 42cm


Once you have found your correct size using the table above, you can measure which length you need by measuring from just below your underarm to your wrist. Once you have your measurement, please match it to the table below.

Size Arm Length (lG)
Normal 40 - 46cm
Long 46 - 52cm

Who Can Use the Sigvaris Traditional Sleeve?

The Sigvaris Sleeve is ideal for treatment and prevention of lymphoedema, as well as maintenance therapy. The unisex design can be worn by both men and women, and the skin-friendly construction is ideal for those with sensitive or irritable skin. The arm sleeve is available with or without a hand piece, as well as with or without a shoulder cap, so you can find something to fit your needs.


This sleeve is suitable for the following conditions and uses:

  • Stage I and II lymphoedema
  • Post-mastectomy care

What Makes the Traditional Unisex Sleeve Different?

  • Comfortable and supportive
  • Tough, natural rubber construction
  • Breathable thanks to large-mesh fabric structure
  • High recovery force and stabilised pressure due to consistency of natural rubber
  • Water resistant, with six times as much abrasion resistance as a pair of jeans

How Does the Sigvaris Traditional Compression Sleeve Work?

Conditions like lymphoedema can be caused by poor blood flow in the extremities. Sigvaris compression sleeves apply pressure to your limbs in a graduated fashion, helping to increase blood flow from your wrist and lower arm.

What Colour Is This Sleeve?

This sleeve are supplied in the colour beige, which will match inconspicuously with lighter skin tones.

Do I Need the Hand Piece?

The optional hand piece is a good choice if your condition affects your hand as well as your arm. However, if you don't require compression in your hand and would rather it remained unrestricted, you may prefer the hand piece-free version.

Should I Choose Grip Top or Arm Cap?

The dotted grip top band is intended to prevent the sleeve from sliding out of place during the day. While it is certainly effective, some people find it irritates the skin and prefer to wear the sleeve without any grip-top. In that case, the arm sleeve with shoulder cap is also available, offering a snug and secure fit.

Which Level of Compression Do I Need?

This sleeve has a compression level of Class 2, which equates to 23-32mmHg of pressure. This is a moderate level of compression and may not be suited for more severe conditions. If you are unsure of which level of compression you require, we strongly suggest referring to a medical professional.

How Durable Is This Sleeve?

The arm sleeve has a high recovery force due to durable natural rubber construction, which will provide tough, stable compression throughout the day. The sleeve has been tested for water-resistance, revealing itself to be six times more resistant to abrasion and wear than an average pair of jeans. You can be sure that the arm sleeve will retain its effectiveness for a long time subsequent to purchase.

What Materials Is This Sleeve Made From?

  • Nylon (70%)
  • Natural Latex Rubber (30%)

The material content of this sleeve may vary depending on style.

Product Codes

Armsleeve With Shoulder Cap and Without Hand Piece

Size Normal Long
Small 80966 80967
Medium 80968 80969
Large 80970 80971

Armsleeve with Shoulder Cap and Hand Piece

Size Normal Long
Small 80972 80973
Medium 80974 80975
Large 80976 80977

Armsleeve With Grip Top and Without Hand Piece

Size Normal Long
Small 80978 80979
Medium 80980 80981
Large 80982 80983

Armsleeve With Grip Top and Hand Piece

Size Normal Long
Small 80984 80985
Medium 80986 80987
Large 80988 80989

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