Bariatric Compression Stockings: Bodyform and Plus-Size Compression Stockings

7 October 2015  |  John

Here at Compression Stockings we know that people of all shapes and sizes can need compression therapy, so we sell a wide variety of compression stockings in plus-size styles and bodyform compression tights so that everyone can benefit from the advantages compression therapy can bring.

Plus-Size Compression Stockings

A huge amount of the products we sell at Compression Stockings come in a wider option for those who need it. Our wide range of plus-sized compression stockings helps to not only make your buying choices easier but also better for your health. 

Getting the right fit is vital to people who need compression therapy, as not only can a ill-fitting pair of compression stockings be uncomfortable, but they can also cause the condition you’re trying to treat to get worse instead of better. This is because it can cause too much pressure to be applied and/or pressure to be applied in the wrong places.

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This is particularly useful for people with lymphoedema, a condition where tissue in the body swells because the lymphatic system can’t regulate tissue fluid. Having plus sized options gives those with lymphoedema more options if they need them.

Plus-sized compression stockings are also often worn by people who’ve recently gone through rapid weight loss. It can help support the loose and sagging skin which often comes after massive weight loss, helping you shape your legs and hold any excess skin tightly to your body.

Bodyform Compression Tights

Another option for people who need larger compression stockings are bodyform compression tights. These not only provide the compression you need, but can also help to shape your body to give yourself a more svelte figure. This can give you massive confidence boosts, letting you go about your day knowing that you’re not only getting the compression you need but also the look you want.

By giving your hips extra support, bodyform compression tights can help improve your walking and your posture, so that you can live your life with extra support.

You should be sure to consult with a doctor before using any kind of compression stockings, so that you know exactly what compression strength you need and what style of compression stocking is right for you.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on some bodyform compression tights and plus-size compression stockings, head on over to Compression Stockings and check out our ranges of Bodyform Compression Tights and Extra Wide Compression Stockings.