Compressed to Impress: Fashionable Stockings

6 January 2016

Compression stockings? You need to wear compression stockings? You? But you’re fashionable and stylish, you like to look your best, how on earth are you supposed to make a pair of thick, unflattering compression stockings look good? Easily, in fact!

Compression stockings may inspire images of horrible, badly-fitting, thickly knitted things that have no place in fashion or your personal style, but that’s all in the past now! Patterned finishes, opaque or transparent looks, lace grip tops, bright pink tights, peep-toe-friendly knee highs - compression garments have got it all! We're here to banish the bad impression so many people have about this healthy hosiery, so let us show you that a bit of compression can now come with a whole lot of fashion.

Colour Me Compressed

Whether you’re for the conservative blacks and beiges,  the sophisticated greys and blues or an eye catching pop of colour with purples and pinks, we have something for you. So, if you’re after Magical Blue maternity tights, Khaki knee highs, Taupe thigh highs or Orange open-toed tights, you’ve come to the right place! We could go on and on about how our colour range has almost every shade you could ever want, or you could just see it for yourself.

Style for Days

We might have your favourite colour on hand (or foot) but what about the style? Maybe you don’t like wearing tights, dislike thigh highs or need an open toe for a favourite pair of shoes – no problem!  From tights to knee highs, thigh highs to socks, open or closed toe, even single leg waist-attaching stockings if tights just aren’t your thing, we have a compression garment to suit you every day of the week.

Don't let your style slip, either, with lace grip tops and soft silicone top bands holding it in place! Sensitive skin can enjoy specially developed grip tops, comfort-seekers can find a 100% cotton fit, and for those who like to make sure everything stays perfectly placed there's even a skin-friendly glue to make it all stay put! 

A Pattern the Back

We have to hand it to the manufacturers we work so closely with, because the variety of styles they have created means you’ll never be out of options when it comes to making your legs look and feel fantastic. Stripes, diamonds or netted, a range of pretty patterns means compression stockings don’t just blend in with your wardrobe but can be the stylish accessory that gives that extra touch of glamour to any outfit. Yes, we did just say your compression stockings can be glamorous, and with all the benefits of compression keeping your legs healthy, this is definitely one type of fashion no one has to suffer for!

For Him and for Her

Stylish compression isn’t just for the fashionable female, we offer a range of compression garments for men that are just as sleek in design. Travel socks, the perfect daily sock, comfortable thigh highs or the full coverage of tights, compression for all is what we're all about! With just as many colours, from neutral skin tones to stylish greys, blues and browns, worn under a suit or just under jeans, our garments fit any wardrobe and keep your legs feeling great while making them look just as good.

Needing some fashion retail therapy? Why not get some compression therapy while you’re at it with the huge range of stylish stockings over at our online store!