​Compressing the Cost of Compression Stockings

6 October 2015

Sure, they’re made to squeeze your legs, but compression stockings can be just as good as squeezing your wallet, too. With some retailers offering healthy hosiery at prices that will send your blood pressure soaring, it’s a good thing CompressionStockings.co.uk keep things affordable enough to see your frustration, your comfort and your bank balance kept at a nice, healthy level! The cost of compression stockings doesn't have to be an impediment to your receiving the amount of support that you need.

Squeezing out the Middle Man

We don’t mess about here at Compression Stockings.co.uk, not with your health, not with your money and not with middle men lengthening the purchasing process. Once you place an order with us, we go right to the manufacturer, taking your tights, selecting your stockings and grabbing your gauntlets direct from their source, so we can get them to you quicker, cheaper and totally hassle-free. 

We’re Tight

How much do compression stockings cost? As little as possible! We’ve got great relationships with our manufacturers, so whether you’re looking for Class 2 RAL or Class 3 Afnor, our first class partnerships with some of the world’s best brands means we can give you a bargain price.

See Our Full Range of Compression Stockings

We try our best to stay competitive, so you never have to feel pressured into paying too much for compression and with leading names on our side, you can be sure all our products are high quality and low cost.

Reducing the Cost of Compression Stockings

If slipping into a pair of compression stockings is part of your daily routine, then you certainly don’t want to be slipping into the red in order to keep up your collection. As well as working closely with companies to keep the savings rolling in, we make an effort to give you an extra helping hand, like free delivery on all orders over £40.

Don’t get caught out at the check-out by postage costs that calculate by bulk, if you spend more than £40 with us then your postage is absolutely free, so whether you’re buying a single pair of stockings, six pairs of socks or twenty  tights, there’ll be no nasty shocks at our virtual till.

Head over to our online store today and take advantage of our great prices, huge range and stylish selections, we’re sure to have something to keep legs and finances happy and healthy!