​Compression Socks For Shin Splints

8 October 2015

Shin Splints got you out of the game? Best start pulling out those fancy pain relief pads, the heat rubs, the top of the line braces and....compression socks?

If you’re suffering from shin splints then we’re here to help, not only can compression socks make legs with venous conditions feel better, let healthy legs with hard-working schedules escape fatigue and relieve legs carrying baby bumps, they can also get runners recovered in no time!

Who Gets Shin Splints?

Shin Splints refers to pain caused in the shins by pushing yourself a bit too hard during your regular exercise routine. It is particularly common among players of stop-start sports like basketball and tennis where players have to quickly change position and direction. Regular runners are also likely to feel sore shins from time to time. At first Shin Splints are a dull, manageable ache, getting worse with future activity, many athletes may challenge themselves to push through the pain, but that will only make things worse!

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Shin Splints happen for lots of different reasons like running on hard surfaces or slopes, wearing badly fitting running shoes, half naturally tight calf muscles or have only been running for a short time and end up pushing yourself too hard. You can feel the unhappy results of too much vigorous exercise on different parts of your calves, either the outer side of the leg or slightly lower down and on the inside. 

Sock It to Shin Splints

We’re sure you already know the power of compression on legs in need of a boost, or even legs recovering from surgery, but how can a sock cure a sporting injury? The method is just the same as compression stockings for tired legs. By boosting circulation, the leg’s blood flow is kept at a healthy pace, and a healthy rate of blood flow is key to a good recovery. With socks keeping your circulation in check, inflammation is also reduced, sparing you the discomfort of a swollen leg. 

Compression on the sore muscle will also help, as well as the general relief that a bit of pressure can give to any aching body part, a touch of compression also helps reduce muscle vibration so that movement doesn’t make the injury worse, or cause you as much pain. In a similar way that sporting kinesiology tape works, compression socks help hold the muscle in an optimum position for healing. 

Pull Your Socks Up

Compression socks have long been known to provide relief to sore legs and are a staple in the medical treatment of venous issues, and if they’re  good enough to prevent life threatening conditions with Deep Vein Thrombosis, we’re sure they’re up to the task of helping your shins get back to their best!

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