Do Compression Stockings Work?

7 October 2015

Well, we certainly think so, or else we wouldn’t be the UK’s best compression one-stop-shop! They may look like any old pair of stockings, but compression stockings can do what no others can, and that’s to keep your legs feeling as great as they look!

A Session of Compression

Give some compression tights a go and see the answers for yourself. A few hours of wearing a compression garment can help boost circulation, lessen swelling and make a big difference to the tiredness, aches and pains your legs might feel at the end of a hard day. Studies even show that compression effects can last up to 30 minutes after the stockings are removed so even a few hours wear time comes with extra effect!

Squeezing the Best out of Your Legs

Compression stockings apply pressure to your legs keeping circulation at a maintained rate and helping legs feel fresher for longer. Even athletes agree that a compression stocking (or shirt, or shorts) can help boost their performance, and if it’s good enough for them we say it’s certainly good enough for our shoppers!

See Our Full Range of Compression Stockings

A bit of gentle compression works perfectly on any legs, of any age or any lifestyle, and can help you conquer those long days on your feet.

Science on Side

There are plenty gimmicks and fads out there claiming to be good for you while doing nothing so much as emptying you wallet of your hard-earned cash. Compression stocks aren’t one of them. Medicine has long been using the effects of compression to manage and treat a range of vein conditions, aid recovery and relieve poorly limbs of stress and strain. Anti-embolism stockings are just one of the examples of compression not just being an optional extra when it comes to health, but something that can make the difference between a healthy recovery and a fatal blood clot, so do compression stockings work? We’re sure your doctor will say yes.

Not in Vein

It’s never going to be a bad thing to invest in a pair of compression stockings. Whether you’re looking to lessen fatigue, help with the symptoms of venous conditions or giving a compression running sock a sporting chance, there are far more applications for compression stockings than you may think. Sufferers of varicose veins learnt the benefits of compression stockings long ago, and the right pair in the right strength can make all the difference to those suffering from this unpleasant condition, and even stop it from spreading or worsening - not bad for a sock!

Grab a pair of compression socks, stockings or tights at our online store today and see for yourself how well they work!