How To Size Compression Socks?

6 October 2015  |  John

We know how difficult it can be to get the right size for clothes when shopping online, so here at Compression Stockings we know exactly what you need to know when choosing a size of compression sock. All of our products have detailed information on sizing, making it as easy as possible to find the right fit for your feet.

Why the Size Matters

It’s vital that you get the right size compression socks to fit your legs. Wearing the wrong size can make the socks much harder to put on and take off, and makes day-to-day life while wearing them uncomfortable and unpleasant. Not only that, but wearing the wrong size compression socks can actually make conditions worse, so you should make sure that you’re getting the correct fit. 

How to Measure For Compression Socks

It’s really easy to measure yourself for a compression sock, so there’s no need to guess what size you are and run the risk of getting a bad fit. You may need someone to help with this, as it can be a little difficult to see the measurement on your own.

To make measuring yourself easy and fast, you’ll need a tailor’s tape measure – a fabric measuring tape designed for measuring for clothes. A DIY metal tape measure won't work - it's too rigid and won't give an accurate measurement. 

Each compression sock listed on Compression Stockings has the measurements of each size and where on the leg each of these measurements should be taken, so you know exactly where you need to measure on your leg to find the right size for you.

See Our Full Range of Compression Socks

Some products will have more measurement points than others, but most of them will involve measuring at the ankle and below the knee, which makes it possible to get the right fit through the length of your lower leg.

You’ll also need to measure the length of your lower leg. This is typically the length from the bottom part of your knee to the end of your foot. The length sizes also take into account shoe size, so you’ll need to know that as well. If it’s been a while since your feet have been measured, it may be a good idea to have them re-measured at a shoe shop or at home.

Different brands and different models of compression socks have different sizing bands, so be sure to check on the product page what the different sizes and lengths mean. 

You should be sure to check with a doctor before using compression socks so you know they’re right for you.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on some compression socks, head on over to Compression Stockings and check out our full range of Compression Socks.