Jobst: Dedicated to Compression Stockings

30 September 2015  |  John

Jobst was founded in 1950 by Conrad Jobst in Ohio, USA. Conrad used his inventing and engineering expertise along with his own experience as a venous disease sufferer to develop gradient compression garments to relieve the symptoms of venous insufficiency. Since then, Jobst’s commitment to helping those with venous conditions has never wavered.

The History of Jobst

Jobst was founded by Conrad Jobst, an inventor and engineer, after he discovered that the gradient water pressure when standing in a swimming pool massively helped with his chronic venous insufficiency. He transferred this effect into elastic stockings with great results. 

After his death, Conrad’s wife Caroline Jobst grew the business massively. She expanded their product ranges, including ready-to-wear vascular stockings, consumer support stockings and anti-embolism stockings.

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Word of Jobst’s quality products spread quickly, and soon Jobst’s growing reputation meant they were selling to nearly every continent on the planet. Since then, Jobst has become a part of BSN Medical, who has ensured that Jobst’s dedication to providing fantastic compression stockings has and will not waver.

Trusted By Those In The Know

Caregivers and patients around the world trust Jobst to provide innovative and fantastic products that perform when they need it the most. This trust was borne out of the consistently reliable and high quality products Jobst have made and will continue to make. Jobst’s medical expertise ensures that this high level of trust isn’t broken.

Quality Commitment

Starting with its founder, Jobst’s dedication to quality has never been less than 100%. Today, it’s commitment to delivering high quality goods is borne out in its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility which allows for Jobst to create it’s amazing products and superior design. 

Beyond the Leg

Jobst knows that compression therapy can help with more than just legs. This is why they also make compression arm sleeves to help with lymphoedema; so that people can get the additional care and help that they need in different and innovative ways. 

Different Stockings For Different Needs

Jobst also knows that a single compression stocking type can’t do everything that compression therapy can. So they have a wide variety of models of compression stockings designed to target specific venous conditions, from lymphoedema to venous ulcers. In doing so., Jobst ensures that you can get the exact care you need.

Listening to Feedback

Through interviews with customers and medical professionals who use their products, Jobst learns what their audience needs and develops and evolves their products to match these demands. By knowing how their products are being used they can better adapt them to real-world conditions, because there’s only so much rigorous lab testing can show.

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