Juzo: A Tight Grip on Good Health

29 September 2015

Many people may consider compression stockings to only be needed by women in old age or overly cautious travellers trying to evade Deep Vein Thrombosis on flight to warmer climes. We at CompressionStockings.co.uk couldn’t disagree more and Juzo couldn’t agree more with us! Sufferers of varicose veins and sports fanatics aren’t the only ones who can benefit from healthy hosiery, anyone who wants to increase circulation in their legs can get pumped over this brand’s great range.

“Helping is Our Life’s Work” 

So said Julius Zorn, the founder of this innovative brand, and a man who would have never have stood for his garments only being available to help the circulation in the legs of grandmas and travellers! Male, female, old, young, whether you’re travelling a long distance or staying in the same spot all day, every day, these socks can help keep your legs in a comfortable, well supported, and healthy condition. Zorn’s company realised a long time ago that their customers are more than just patients and more than the oedema, varicose veins, embolisms or other venous ailments they wish to treat - that’s why this brand concentrates on not just delivering high quality performance to legs and feet, but on looking good while it does it. With a spectrum of fashionably bright colours and leg-shaping technology to show your pins at their best, these are stylish stockings that you’ll not just want to gift to your granny, but that you’ll want to keep for yourself!

Impressive Compressive Tights

The glow of pregnancy can carry all the way through to your legs once you slip a pair of these supportive tights on. Finely knit to appear as sheer as any fashion brand but with the circulation boost of a medical stocking, these tights are as much denier as de-stress on hard working limbs. They've even found a solution to slipping socks: adhesive lotion. Featuring a simple roll-on formula to glue your thigh-highs in place, this lotion is perfect for those who are allergic to the usual silicone that keeps fabric from slipping down the leg and even better for those who don't feel like negotiating with their nylons all day. The brains behind these tights understood this common complaint and really pulled their socks up, so now you don't have to!

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Ladies, go for your regular beige or tan, Gentlemen, slip into the comfort of greys and blacks to seamlessly fit in dress shoes or under trousers – or branch out completely and deck your legs in some colourful compression! Fancy Orange, Eternal Green, Magical Blue, give your wardrobe as well as your circulation a boost with hosiery that helps keep you healthy!

A Helping Arm

Not just about legs, how about some arm support?  Ideal for treating Lymphedema, wearing after surgery or in the healing of scars, these arm supports are the same great package of treatment, fit and style that keep your legs healthy, except for your upper body! Among the softest of the entire product range, their second-skin fit makes these garments just like tights for your arms, wear under your clothes for a no-snag fit, and coming in natural, low-profile colours, you can enjoy the comfort and support of the sleeves without feeling self-conscious. 

Whether you’re in need of compression stockings for your legs or compression sleeves for aching arms, we’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking for to make healthy circulation not just a smart lifestyle choice but a fun fashion statement. Over knee, under knee, thigh highs or full coverage, choose the style you want to make your legs look good, choose Juzo to make them feel great!

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