Medi: Compression Stockings with Style

29 September 2015  |  John

Medi has been making compression stockings for over 50 years. They were founded in the town of Pausa in Germany around 1920, and have been working to provide the best possible products for their customers ever since.

Medi’s History

After being founded in the early 20th century, Medi moved out of the Soviet-occupied East Germany after the end of the Second World War. In 1961 they created their first compression stocking.  It was the first seamless and highly elastic compression stocking with an uncovered weft thread ever made. By 1975 they created the Medi 75, the world’s first transparent compression stocking. Through the years it changed and evolved, but never went out of style, today Medi still offer is as the Mediven Elegance.

In 2000, Medi’s travel socks became the first clinically tested travel stocking, and since then Medi has been working tirelessly to innovate and bring new and improved products to market.

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Medi, I feel better

This, Medi's slogan, is a reflection of their goal to improve as many people’s lives as possible. The design and engineering which goes into every compression stocking they make ensures that this promise to their customers is fulfilled.

Everything Medi does is done in-house. From research and development to production and sales, Medi handles it all. This massive level of control means that they can be sure that every stocking they make is as good as the last. It also means that they can fully dedicate themselves to their customer’s needs – they can be sure that they are delivering what people want and need.

All In The Family

Medi, to this day, is a family-owned and family-run company. This means that they know what is important to their company, and they know exactly what needs to be done to ensure success for both themselves and their satisfied customers. 

Function and Form

Every Medi compression stocking is made so that its wearers won’t feel uncomfortable being seen in them in public. Far too many compression stockings are made purely as a medical device, which leaves them looking clinical, drab and unpleasant. 

Medi knows that style is incredibly important to everyone, so they ensure that their compression stockings don’t just provide the reliable and dependable support you need, but they look the part while doing so.

Stockings For All Seasons

In creating a stylish and functional range of compression stockings, Medi knows that just one stocking won’t do. So they make sure that each different stocking model and type they make, from knee-high to thigh high and beyond, delivers on a specific use. For example, the Mediven Plus is designed to be hard-wearing and durable for day-to-day activities, and the Mediven Elegance are designed to be soft and gentle for special occasions.

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