Mum's the Word: Maternity Compression Stockings

21 January 2016

Ladies, are you about to join the millions of women who have experienced pregnancy? For many, this is a wonderful time, a period when you feel the most feminine, the most excited, and filled with joyful expectation you glow with good health and vitality...and then there’s your feet.

For all the happiness pregnancy can bring, it can also place a huge strain on your body, you are essentially carrying another person around with you – one who’s getting bigger every day – 24/7, for 9 whole months! It’s not uncommon for legs and ankles to become swollen, especially in the later months of pregnancy, while for some women the problem is entirely cosmetic, others may find this swelling uncomfortable or even quite painful. 

Maternity Compression Stockings can help remedy this issue and look good while they're at it. A simple change to your wardrobe that can make a big change to your legs and everyday comfort, compression isn't just for elderly legs, they're just as good for young, fit mums!

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MmHg for Mums to be

Legs swelling is nothing uncommon in expectant mothers, so you can be sure that the maternity tights we offer have all been made based on the needs and wants on the many, many mothers who have come before you!

“But tights aren’t going to make my baby bump any lighter!” we hear you say – well, no, perhaps not, but it is more than the weight that makes your legs swell and feel uncomfortable:

  • Helpful Hormones: Any mother will tell you that pregnancy plays havoc on your hormones so far as your mood or cravings are concerned, but these hormones have an important part to play in keeping you and baby healthy throughout pregnancy. Progesterone is especially important for this vital role, allowing vein walls to become less elastic to accommodate the 40 – 50% blood volume increase your body experiences. Unfortunately for your feet, this makes blood return from the legs a little more challenging, as the pressure of the veins is reduced. Luckily for you, a helpful pair of compression stockings can get everything back to normal.
  • Pregnancy Pressures: While the presence of a growing foetus is no small thing for the body to come to terms with, it is actually baby themselves, and not just their weight, that causes blood restriction to the legs. As your baby grows, it will begin to place pressure on the veins, the head in particular sits in such a way that veins become compressed, making it difficult for blood flow to efficiently travel from the heart to the legs and back again.

Child Support

With all this happening to your body, it’s only natural that you might need a little extra support to help keep both your and baby feeling at your best! Compression stockings help in a multitude of ways, and thanks to our extensive range, making you look stylish throughout your pregnancy is just one of them!

Our Maternity Compression Tights provide a supportive and comfortable fit to your feet, ankles, legs and baby bump. Choose from conservative black or highlight your bundle of joy with celebratory oranges and pinks! Available with open toe or closed toe to suit any type of footwear, we don’t expect you to lose your sense of style just because you’re expecting!

For those who don’t want the full coverage of tights, no problem, knee high or thigh high stockings are just as good for alleviating the pressure on hard-working legs. Available in just as many colours and styles, our online store is a haven for legs suffering from swollen ankles, and proves that you definitely don’t have to suffer to fashion!

Say goodbye to aching ankles and prepare to say hello to baby with our range of maternity compression stockings and tights!

Medi Mediven Elegance Class 1 Black Thigh Compression Stockings with Top Band

Medi Mediven Elegance Class 1 Black Thigh Compression Stockings with Top Band

  • Compression level 18-21 mmHg
  • Fashionable design with top band for security
  • Provides effective compression
  • Wrinkle-free fit looks great in use
Sigvaris Magic Class 2 Caramel Maternity Compression Tights with Open Toe

Sigvaris Magic Class 2 Caramel Maternity Compression Tights with Open Toe

  • Class 2 Compression (23 - 32 mmHg)
  • Comfortable fit maternity tights
  • Soft and versatile for better comfort
  • Perfect for relieving tired legs