Putting On Compression Stockings Tips and Tricks

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As we keep telling you to get yourself some compression stockings, we thought we’d do the responsible thing and make sure you know how to get into them, too! So here’s Part 1 of our guide for How to Put On Compression Stockings!

Tips and Tricks

First things first, here are some useful things to remember about slipping into your stocking of choice:

Aim to put on your compression garment first thing in the morning

This is when the leg is nice and relaxed and not yet swollen from the activity of the day. If you want to get a helping hand with getting stockings on, it’s best to stay lying down with your leg resting on a pillow to keep it in prime position, your lovely assistant can then also be in a comfortable sitting position and not crouched on the floor.

Lotions and potions

If you need a bit of help sliding a stocking on, talcum is far better than lotions as some creams and ointments can cause the fibres of your stocking to degrade. Sticky or tacky skin can also make getting stockings on much more difficult than it needs to be. If you want smoother legs for easier application, put lotion on the night before, by morning it will have absorbed completely and you’re legs will be stocking-ready!

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In the Bag

For open toe stockings a common trick is to slip a bag over your foot first, a small carrier bag or something very smooth like a freezer bag can be placed to cover the foot and heel, this will make it easier to get the stocking over your foot and ankle where it’s usually the most difficult to place it. Once your garment is in place you can pull the bag out through the open toe and voila!

Re-Assign Your Mouse Pad

The underside of a mouse pad is a great surface to rub your foot against as you don your stockings. Slip them on over your foot and rather than stay hunched over pulling and plucking at them, you can simply wiggle your foot on the soft foam of your pad until the movement gets them sitting pretty. The foam stops any snagging or friction and is ideal for those who can’t reach down to their feet for long periods of time.

Keep Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’

Sigvaris have their own nifty gadget called Rolly. It may not look like much, but as you’ve probably guessed, the simplest solutions are the most effective, The simplicity of the Rolly doesn’t mean that it can’t be innovative, though. This compact plastic ring is easy to use, letting you take care of the tricky task of preparing the stocking at arm-level. Consider it a second pair of hands as you ‘dress’ Rolly in your stocking before slipping it on yourself - see it in action here

Gloved Up

Many brands offer special ‘donning gloves’ to help you get your stockings on, but dish-washing gloves work just as well. Not only does the rubber prevent fingernails or rings from damaging your garments, they also provide much better grip so you can pull stockings on without having them slip out of your grasp.

A Touch of Silk

Have a spare bit of silky material hanging around? Then you’ve got the perfect donning aid! A bolt of fabric can actually help you pull on your stockings, the silken materials used for lining jackets or jazzing up costumes is cheap, cheerful and perfect for this technique, just make sure it’s strong enough to withstand a bit of tugging. Similar to the idea of smoothing everything out with a plastic bag, you can do exactly the same with any spare length of smooth material. 

  1. You want your fabric to be about the length of your thigh and at least as wide as your foot, if it’s too wide you might find yourself wrestling with it as much as your stockings. It should be a simple, rectangular strip but the end can taper to into a thinner shape if this makes it easier for you to grip.
  2. Take a seat and lay the fabric down on the floor, folding it over just enough so that the area covering your foot is double layered. For most people this means the front of the fabric is now folded back to about 1 quarter of the way down the length of the fabric.
  3. Place your foot on it, your should have 2 layers beneath your foot thanks to your folding and the remainder should trail out behind your foot, enough to cover the length of your leg.
  4. Tuck the material between your toes to hold it in place and slip your stocking on over your foot.
  5. The silky material will help the garment slide easily over your foot, you can continue to pull it over the remainder of your leg.
  6. When you garment is in place, just release your grip on the fabric with your toes and pull it out, easy!

All clued up? Put your new knowledge to use with a new pair of stockings from our online store, or head over to Part 2 of our ‘How to Put On Compression Stockings’ guide!

22 May 2021  |  15:32

There is a hole at the end of each sock. Does this go over the big toe, or all the little toes? Or, in other words, which is the left sock, and which is the right sock?