Should I Wear My Compression Garments to Bed?

Tuesday, 6 October 2015  |  Admin

Not wanting your day of effective compression to end? Tempted to try wearing your compression stockings to bed? Read this first!

Although no one really has the answer. The issue of wearing compression stockings to bed is a bit of a tricky issue, while some doctors may even recommend that your stockings are kept on throughout the night, others may specifically warn against it. If your doctor has not advised for you to keep wearing your stockings to bed – usually reserved for those recovering from surgery or more severe venous conditions – then it is not recommended that you do.

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Prolonged wearing of your stockings without allowing you legs to de-compress can lead to irritation of the skin or even cause rather than treat skin ulcers. Striking the perfect compression balance can be difficult, and while it’s hard to use a stocking wrong, it’s perfectly possible to end up using the wrong one, and remember that there can be too much of a good thing, so give your legs some time to breathe every night.

Sleep Tights

Being perfectly horizontal when you sleep is another reason compression stockings aren’t needed. You’re not moving, the circulation up your legs isn’t struggling against gravity like they are when you’re standing , you’re doing nothing to strain or tire them, in fact you're doing just what any pair of poorly legs needs – resting. Pressure on your blood vessels is naturally lessened when lying down, and the additional compression of your stockings may end up leaving legs numb, uncomfortable or under unnecessary strain. 

But What About Anti-Embolism Stockings?

True, anti-embolism stockings are meant to be worn by patients who are cooped up in bed, but they come in a lighter compression level, have been specifically designed for inactive legs and counter the pooling of blood in stationary limbs, as well as not usually being worn for more than a few days. Your compression stockings are designed for legs in motion, provide compression that maintains a high performance throughout several months of wear and are not intended as an alternative to bed socks! 

Only What the Doctor Ordered

The general, and safest, rule to follow about night time compression is to do as your doctor recommends. Healthy young legs should find they can sleep wearing a low level compression garment without any ill effects, but for everyone else there is a definite risk that wearing them throughout the night will only add to your discomfort. If you are worried about legs swelling throughout the night, try elevating them on a pillow. Your legs are working hard for you, so reward them with some freedom by leaving your stockings off at night and  letting them breathe!

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