Sigvaris: 150 Years of Creative Compression

29 September 2015

At we want only to bring you the very best compression garments for your limbs in need of a relief, so who better to turn to than the company that’s been doing just that for over a century: Sigvaris.

A Century of Compression

Started in 1864 by Niklaud Barthelts, a man after our own hearts, a talent at gymnastics heightened his appreciation of caring for one’s health, and whose travels to countries as far as Egypt helped him learn the craft and skills of business and customer care. A little over a decade after its conception and Barthelts was supplying customers with fashionable elasticated garments that even then were in demand not only in his native Switzerland but by customers in places such as Prague, Bulgaria and Spain.  A history that includes bankruptcy, boycotts, being overwhelmed by demand and surviving two world wars eventually led Sigvaris to create their first medical compression stocking in 1961, a choice that has led them to celebrating 150 years of business in 2014 and making their products a certain choice when it came to sourcing the best for our online store!

“Every Day A Step Further”

We like to take Sigvaris’ motto literally, because with their range of compression stockings, tights and socks, there’s no reason why you should let venous issues or fatigue hold you back!

Choose from the high compression and high comfort of the Cotton or Comfort range, the stylish performance of James or Intial that make mean stockings aren’t just for women, or the elegant, functioning fashion of Diaphane and Eclat Infini. Sigvaris has something for everyone and through their century’s worth of knowledge and innovation, have created a range of compression wear that makes medical hosiery one of the most stylish things you can do for your legs!

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Every Day, Every Night

No longer thick, uncomfortable and unflattering medical wear that needs to be hidden away under trousers and skirts, Sigvaris’ creations are made to be admired, and we think they deserve to be! With designs as elegant and fashionable as the patterned Audace and Soyance, the world’s only compression stocking to include the sleek softness of silk, these compression garments are work hard, play hard, and look just as good in the office as they do on those special occasions or evenings out.

Limb-loving Designs

Sure, they look good, but do they really perform? The simple answer is yes, in fact Sigvaris garments don’t just come in a huge range to help you find the perfect style, colour and fit, but all their models feature a different variation of their unique manufacturing techniques, so you know there is a pair out there perfect for you!

Sigvaris Compression Stockings Features


Aquarius Fibre Keeps feet dry and comfortable


Bamboo Viscose A nature fibre for a soft temperature-regulating fit



Aerated MicroZone Wicks away moisture for dry, comfortable feet


Transparent The perfect mix of therapy and style for elegance, any time



Lace Sensinnov Sigvaris’ secret weapon! A fashioniable grip top that gives great comfort, prevents the red ‘blotching’ of traditional grips and offers great moisture management


Silk/Modal A mix of two extremely soft fabrics for a thermo-regulated fit


Opaque A truly contemporary look to complement any style



Perspiration Channel Wicks away moisture from the skin


Flat Sewing Prevents Friction, rubbing and blisters for blissful wear



Specific inlay For precision compression


Visit our online store today and get your legs looking and feeling great with Sigvaris!