Sizing Your Compression Stockings

29 September 2015

Want to buy some compression stockings? Then you need to measure from Point A to Point B and then back up to Point C, and don’t forget the width of your left thigh multiplied by the width of your right...Confused? Measuring your legs for stockings might not be quite so complicated, but it’s not always straight forwards, either!

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With so many brands, models and styles available, all with their own sizing charts and measuring methods, you’d be forgiven for giving up and taking a random guess instead. While we at sympathise with that particular approach, we don’t recommend it at all, especially as compression stockings, as with all personal garments with hygiene standards, can’t be returned. So while our lovely brands have been doing their best with measuring guides and fitting instructions, we thought we’d help you cover the basics, because where is Point A, anyway?

Out On A Limb

Don’t take chances with buying your sizes, compression stockings work best when they fit properly, not to mention that you’re certain to be uncomfortable in any that are too big or too small, and we’d like you to find the pair that are just right! Unfortunately there is no universal measurement for compression stockings, but the method of measuring is always going to be fairly similar, after all, they are all still stockings.

You'll need a measuring tape for an accurate measurement, flexible plastic or fabric is best, the metal tape from your DIY kit is not.


Required for: Thigh Highs, Tights

Measure from the widest point of your thigh, this is right under the buttocks.

Wrap the measuring tape around your thigh and take the circumference.







Leg Length

Required for: Tights, Thigh Highs

Measure from your buttocks to the floor and no higher.

This measurement is best taken from the back of the leg.








Required for: Below Knee, Knee-high Socks, Tights, Thigh Highs

Measure from the widest part of your calf, this should be about ¾ up your shin.

Wrap the measuring tape around your calf and take the circumference.







Required for: Knee Highs, Below Knee, Tights, Thigh Highs

For this measurement the measurement tape should sit just above the ankle bone.

Measure around your ankle and take the circumference.






Knee Length

Required for: Knee Highs, Below Knee

The measuring tape should sit on the crease of the knee and no higher.

Measure from the bend of the knee to the base of the heel.








Required for: Tights, Waist Attachment Thigh Highs

Your hips are just that, the measuring tape should sit on them, no higher or lower.

Wrap the tape measure around your hips and take the circumference.







Some things to remember

  • Measurements should be taken in the morning, preferably soon after you wake up as your legs swell during the day.
  • Take ankle measurements first, as standing still for the remaining measurements may cause them to swell.
  • The effects of compression stockings can last up to 30 minutes after their removal, great for your legs, but bad for accurate measurements. Make sure you haven’t been wearing compression clothing prior to measuring your legs.
  • If your legs are different sizes (to a visible degree) make sure to measure both as you may need to mix and match sizes.
  • Make sure to be standing when you make measurements, especially when measuring the thighs.
  • Don’t squeeze the tape measure too tight, you want your natural size, not a squashed one!
  • Remember that tights are just that, tight! Being too liberal with your measurements can see you end up with baggy or wrinkling tights that aren’t able to perform well as compression garments.
  • Don’t be coy. Tights and stockings are one long single garment, and giving a flattering but untruthful figure to your thigh measurement along with an accurate ankle measurement will surely end up with ill-fitting tights!

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