​What Are Gradient Compression Stockings?

9 October 2015

If it’s good enough for your ankle, it’s good enough for the rest of your leg, right? Wrong! 

Gradient compression stockings are so effective because they’ve been made with the knowledge that the level of compression your calf or thigh needs isn’t the same as what you ankle probably requires. Your leg isn’t the same from top to toe, so neither should your stockings be!

Making the Grade

Gradient Compression Stockings feature the strongest level of compression around the ankle. This is why for many people getting it over their feet and ankles is one of the hardest parts of getting their stockings on every day, but don’t let that put you off these high effective garments, especially not when we have all sorts of tips and tricks to make putting your stockings on a cinch!

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Compression of a gradient stocking decreases as it goes higher up the leg, providing better comfort for you and a healthier dose of compression all round. They’ve been shown to be the most effective type of compression stocking because they perfectly accommodate your ankle, calf and thighs to relieve them of all sorts of aches and pains.

Great Gradients

This variation in strength throughout the stocking can also help clear up any confusion you might have with the endless numbers of compression classes! If a Class 1 stocking promises 18 – 21 mmHg, this isn’t a vague guess of its strength but the upper and lower limits of it. So your ankle will enjoy 21 mmHg of compression while your thigh will receive a more suitable 18 mmHg, for happy legs that are comfortably compressed and not seriously squashed!

Compress, Not Constrict!

Gradient Compression Stockings make perfect sense when you think about it, nobody wants the same width of garment to be around their thigh as might be around their ankle. With compression stockings,  where good fit equals great therapy, poor sizing can lead to some very poorly legs. They’ve also got science on their side, ankles need a little extra squeeze to get the blood pumping up your whole leg and fight against gravity, blood has a long way to travel from your toes to your heart, so this little boost of compression can make blood flow much more efficient and effective. 

Spoilt for Choice

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