​When to Wear Compression Socks

7 October 2015

Any one, anytime, anywhere, compressionstockings.co.uk is always open for your compression needs, because there’s never a bad time to start wearing our compression socks, stockings, tights or sleeves! 

While we might have underlined the risks of wearing stockings at night in our previous blog post, we’re big supporters of wearing them the rest of the time! So when precisely should you wear them? Read on and all shall be explained...

Grip Top of the Morning

The best time to slip your compression stockings on is in the morning, in fact you should aim to make it the very first thing you do before walking around starts to get your circulation pumping. Sliding your compression stockings on at a early hour means that your chances of aches, pains, swelling or discomfort is reduced far more than if you were to slip them on mid-way through the day.

See Our Full Range of Compression Stockings

The absence of swelling after a good night’s sleep also means they’ll be much easier to put on than if you were attempting to place them over a tender, swollen or sore limb. If you do decide to put them on after some swelling has occurred, try lying down with your legs elevated to try and get them to return to normal size. A helping hand to put them on while you’re in this position will also make the process much easier!

Mums to Be

We offer a fantastic range of maternity tights because we know that if there is any time to be wearing them, it’s when your legs are carrying a bundle of joy! Compression during pregnancy is a popular way for expectant mothers to take some of the strain off hard-working limbs. Pregnant women are also at a higher risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis, varicose veins and a fluctuation in blood flow due to the increasing pressure of a growing baby.  Both our comfortably fitting tights and our super soft socks offer gentle relief to make sure you stay happy and healthy throughout your pregnancy, and don’t think you can’t be a yummy mummy just because you’re enjoying some compression, from purple to pink to classic black, we’re here to make sure you have a pretty, perfect pregnancy!

Sock it to ‘Em

Your competitors don’t stand a chance with the power of compression on your side! Yes, even at the height of health compression can help. Improved recovery times, reduced muscle strain and an ability to run for longer are all possible with the right pair of socks. Whether you’d like something for enhanced performance, or you’re more interested in recovery, we’ve got something for both.

Not a sports fanatic but still make your legs work hard all day? Well, we’ve got socks for that, too. Give them a try, if you promise not to miss aching feet, tired legs or swollen ankles then we promise you won’t regret it. 

Back on Your Feet

Our huge range of stockings includes higher classes, specialist garments and sensitive skin-friendly materials so that even poorly legs recovering from surgery, injury or painful conditions can find the perfect fit. We may not agree with the popular misconception that illness and injury is the only time to wear compression stockings, but we certainly won’t say it’s the wrong time, either. Compression therapy has long been known for aiding in recovery and a good pair of stockings, tights or socks can find an application for every pair of legs from every walk of life!

Under Pressure

Wearing your stockings every day for the full day is suitable for most people, but if it doesn’t work for you then wearing them for a few hours at a time while you get used to your new leg-wear is totally fine, too. Finding the right balance of compression is essential, for most people wearing higher than a Class 2 this will be left to your doctor to decide. The perfect style is also important, if your thigh highs aren’t working, try a knee-high or some comfy tights, whenever and for whatever reason you’re wearing your compression garments, you should be sure that you’re wearing the right one for you!

When's the right time to wear compression stockings? Right now! Head over to our online store and find yourself the perfect pair!