Where to Buy Compression Socks?

6 October 2015  |  John

While there are a lot of places you can buy compression socks, we here at Compression Stockings like to think we’re the best solution for all your compression needs. Our user friendly website allows you to specify what level of compression you need, which brand you want and even what colour is right for you. This all means that with Compression Stockings, we match the right sock to your requirements.

A Range Of Styles And Brands

Here at Compression Stockings we provide a huge variety of styles and brands so you can find whatever you’re looking for, whether it’s a pair of sports compression socks or a set of flight socks for your next long trip. We’ve got compression stockings from some of the biggest and best brands in the business – Medi, Jobst, Juzo and Sigvaris

See Our Full Range of Compression Socks

And thanks to our carefully-organised, easy-to-use colour chart picking the right colour compression stockings for your skin or your style has never been easier.

Help When You Need It

Confused by mmHgs? Don’t know your RALs from your Afnors? Our Knowledge Centre has been set up to make it easy for you to find out what you need to know easily and quickly. And if that doesn’t answer your question, our customer services team is ready and waiting to take your call and answer whatever it is you need to know about compression socks and stockings.

A Multitude of Compression Levels

Here at Compression Stockings we know that different people need different strengths of compression depending on their condition and what their doctors have said they need. Our shop by compression level section allows you to find socks that can counteract your condition, ensuring that you get exactly what you need.

Simple Sizing

Getting the right sizes when shopping online is difficult enough with normal clothes, so we know how vital it is that you can get the right size compression socks for you so they can work as well as possible, Every compression sock and stocking has its own sizing chart and guide so you can easily measure yourself for them so you know you can get the right fit for you.

Indications, Indicated

One of the most difficult things about buying compression socks is knowing if they’re suitable for your condition. To fix that, every compression sock and stocking listed on Compression Stockings lists what they’re suitable for, so that you know that you’re getting what you need.

Before using compression socks, you should consult with a doctor so you what strength you need and if they’re right for you.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on some compression socks, head on over to Compression Stockings and check out the full range of Compression Socks we have on offer.