Who Should Wear Compression Stockings?

6 October 2015  |  Admin

Do you have legs? Do you have feet? If your answer is yes then you should wear compression stockings!

Yes, you might automatically think of the elderly, injured, pregnant or sick when you think of compression stockings, but you can certainly add “the healthy” as well as yourself to that list when we fill you in on the marvels a bit of compression can do!

Compress to Impress

Compression stockings can make a healthy change to any pair of legs, even the youngest, healthiest pins. Effectively squeezing the limb lightly - or a bit harder, depending on class - a compression stocking can:

  • Help the venous return (keep blood pumping)
  • Moves blood up the legs against the pull of gravity (pumps it in the right direction, because sometimes tired legs get it wrong, really!)
  • Decreases venous pressure (keep blood pressure down)
  • Prevents venous stasis (keeps away blood clots)
  • Prevents deterioration of venous walls (keeps blood vessels healthy)

And to think, you were satisfied for stockings to simply look good, although our rainbow of shades does that, too!

The Healthy Legs

And we mean the super healthy. We haven’t forgotten you when it comes to finding sport-friendly compression socks.  If you’re a rigorous runner or serious cyclist then your legs could and should be making the most of compression! Pushing your circulation to work as hard as your legs, compression socks can help lessen the build-up of lactic acid, help you go for longer periods, and speed up recovery once your work out is done. With the sporting world abuzz with compression shorts, tops and leggings, don’t think you’re alone in using compression to get the most out of your performance. 

See Our Full Range of Compression Stockings

For those who are less sporty but just as hard working, standing or sitting all day can be hard on your legs. Save yourself from the fatigue and aches of standing  legs working hard or inactive legs barely working with a compression stocking. Go for an elegant and stylish look to fit a favourite dress, a sleek, understated look to suit any suit or choose comfort and try 100% pure cotton.

The Legs Working for Two

If you have a bundle of joy on the way then you’re going to need your legs to be in great condition for your busy new routine! Maternity tights featuring a light compression can help control the discomfort of swollen legs, keep circulation going and help ward off tiredness, perfect for the busy months of pregnancy. As your already glowing, we have plenty colourful tights to help your legs glow right along with you, be pretty in Pink, eye-catching in Aqua or outstanding in Orange

The Poorly Legs

Deep vein thrombosis? Varicose veins? Lymphoedema? Skin ulcers? Fatigue? Diabetes? Compression stockings can bring relief to all these conditions. From Class 1 to Class 4, your doctor will be able to prescribe the best strength for you, leaving you to slip your new stockings on and enjoy relief of your symptoms. 

You don’t have to have poorly legs to enjoy compression therapy, but our stockings are just as effective if you do. From sports fanatics to recovering surgery patients, on-the-move postmen or sat-still office workers, compression is for everyone and we want everyone to start enjoying it!

Visit our online store to find your perfect pair of compression socks, tights or stockings and start feeling the benefits today!