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​Why Wear Compression Socks?

8 October 2015

We may call ourselves but we have just as much love for a good old Compression Sock. And when we say old, we mean old, between them, our brands have almost 500 years of experience and all of it helps bring you the best compression socks on the market.

Socks are a great alternative to stockings for those who feel uncomfortable wearing thigh high stockings or full tights. Socks come to knee height, tend to be a little thicker and are all just as effective and comfortable as their stocking counterparts. 

Man Up

There are plenty models that perfectly target men in need of some compression with neutral colours that go just as well under a business suit as under a loyal pair of jeans. With our huge range of pretty patterns, cheerful colours and female fashion, why can’t men enjoy some stylish compression too? Some of our top picks include Mediven for Men for sleek, the stylish, super-soft and even anti-bacterial sock that can easily find a place in any wardrobe, and Sigvaris James, a ‘zoned’ sock that has been created to give legs and feet full support throughout the day. A compression sock works just as well as a stocking, helping legs stave off fatigue, swelling and aches and pains.

Sporting Sock-cess

Socks aren’t just for the poorly legs or for the everyday circulation boost either, athletes realised the benefits of compression a long time ago, and we don’t just mean the weekend warriors or some-time joggers, but the champs like Paula Radcliffe and Jo Pavey. Compression in the form of shirts, shorts, sleeves and socks have found themselves a secure home in almost every sportswear store, but what makes them so great?

See Our Full Range of Compression Socks

Apart from being proven to enhance performance thanks to increased blood flow, athletes have reported that compression helps their recovery time, with aches being less common and pain being significantly reduced. There are even compression “suits” for athletes to slip into for a few hours for head-to-toe therapy after a rigorous work out! Of course if you'd like a more convenient way to try out some compression, grab a pair of our sports socks for a speedy performance or a speedier recovery.

Airport Sock-urity

Wander around any airport terminal and you’re sure to find a rack of travel socks on offer. With the popularity of long-haul flights increasing, so is the frequency of blood clots caused by long periods of inactivity in cramped conditions, also known as Economy Class Syndrome. Several fatal cases of in-flight blood clots have grabbed the headlines in recent years, and it has become common knowledge that protecting your health is as simple as pulling on some socks. We have a great choice of flight socks for both men and women, to make sure nothing makes your journey any more stressful than it has to be.

Try out some compression socks for yourself and see the huge difference they can make to hard-working legs over at our online store. Go on, pull your socks up!