How to Buy Compression Stockings

30 September 2015  |  John

Because compression stockings are medical items, there are a huge variety of types available for you and it can be a bit daunting to those who are new to the world of compression garments. Fortunately, we here at Compression Stockings can help you find the right stockings for you:

Step 1: Consult a Doctor

Compression stockings are medical items, and with all medical items it’s vital that you consult a medical professional before using them. Your doctor can give you the right recommendation on the strength of compression you need for your condition and what style they should be for maximum efficacy. 

There are a variety of different classifications for compression stockings, so be sure that you know which classification system your doctor refers to when they say Class 1 or Class 2 etc. If possible, ask them to give you the class number in RAL and Afnor classifications, so you can look at the widest range of compression stockings possible.

Step 2: Pick Your Design

Now that you know what strength and what design is right for you, you can start shopping. There is a huge variety of different designs of compression stockings available, from transparent to opaque, from knitted band to lace band – whatever you want!

See Our Full Range of Compression Stockings

Thanks to the easy-to-use search function on Compression Stockings, it's really easy to find the compression garments that you need. Allowing you to refine your search by a number of different factors, you see the compression stockings that you want.

Step 3: Pick Your Colour

Compression stockings come in a huge variety of colours to suit all styles. So whether you want a colour to suit your skin tone or a colour to stand out from the crowd, there’s a compression stocking for you. 

Our extensive colour chart shows the colour of every compression stocking we list, so you can easily see your options on one page and check out your options. With multiple shades of similar colours, you can really choose the hue you need.

Step 4: Check the Indications

Because there are so many different compression stockings out there, not all of them cover every condition. Every compression stocking has a specific set of conditions it’s designed to help with, so you should be sure to check that you’re getting what you need. 

Fortunately, each product listed on Compression Stockings lists the indications – the conditions the manufacturer says the stockings are suitable for – so you can quickly see if a compression stocking is right for you.

Step 5: Find Your Size

Like with most other clothing items, there’s no universal sizing system (unfortunately!) so we have to rely on the manufacturers’ sizing system. Each product has the sizing dimensions listed, and we’ve even put together a measuring guide so you know exactly how to measure yourself.

Step 6: Enjoy Your Compression Stockings!

Once you’ve got all the above figured out, you can go ahead and buy your compression stockings knowing you’ve made the right choice.

If you’re ready to start buying compression stockings, head on over to Compression Stockings and start checking out the full range of compression garments we have to offer.