How to Put On Compression Stockings

8 October 2015

Your brand new stockings have just arrived? Get in! ...But how? 

Getting your legs into your compression stockings isn’t always the easiest task, we’ve compiled a great list of Tips and Tricks for you to make it a bit simpler but now let’s talk technique. So, stockings in hand and legs at the ready? Let’s get down to business.

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Commencing Compression

  1. Reach into your stocking and grab the toe and pull it through like you would if you were turning it inside out.
  2. We’re not turning it inside out though, at least not all of it. Stop when you reach a little over half way down, which will leave you with a little foot 'pocket' looking something like this.
  3. Congratulations, you’ve just made the struggle of getting your foot into your stocking a whole lot easier! If you’re using our tip about the silk then now’s the time to use it. You might also want to prepare the leg with a bit of talcum powder, or slip on some gloves.
  4. Position the opening of the stocking over your toe, if your toes meet the front of the stocking all the better, but don’t worry, we’ll be able to adjust it later.
  5. Grab the stocking at the fold and not at the loose end. Work it over your foot and ankle, don’t pull so much as slide it up, pushing it up with your palms rather than tugging at it.
  6. Continue to slide the material up until it’s in position.
  7. Now you can re-adjust the stocking so there are no wrinkles or excess fabric around the toes or heel. Our mousepad trick is perfect for this.
  8.  If you feel like the process isn’t going so great, just take your stocking off and start again, remember that a good fit is vital to good compression.
  9. Don’t be tempted to roll the top of your stocking down in an attempt to keep it in place, this will change its strength, leading it to constrict rather than comfortably compress your leg.
  10. Taking off your stocking is far simpler, but you should still be careful, any rough treatment and your compression stockings will rip just like any regular pair of nylons, this is especially true when it comes to pulling it over your heel and foot. Wearing gloves can be useful here, slip your thumb either side of your foot and carefully work the garment off.

Easy Come, Easy Go

If you find that your compression stockings are becoming easier and easier to put on, it might not all be good news. Compression stockings don’t last forever, and if yours are giving less resistance in your daily routine then it could be that they are losing their strength and in need of replacement. 

With correct care and careful donning and doffing, stockings can last anywhere between 3 - 6 months, but impatient pulling and tugging making them last no longer than 3 – 6 minutes! Take your time to put your stockings on, with a bit of practise you’ll soon have it down to a fine art!

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