Where to Buy Compression Stockings

7 October 2015

Right here! Where else?

We’re the only CompressionStocking.co.uk on the internet, the easiest to remember, the simplest to use, the best to shop with - and so modest too! – there’s really no reason to go anywhere else. Still not convinced? Ok, we’ll give you the grand tour!

Shop the Rainbow

If you haven’t explored our spectrum of compression then we invite you to check it out right now over at out Shop By Colour page. Our lovely palette of stocking shades has every hue of hosiery you could ever hope for, whether you’re for classic black, neutral nudes, crisp white or wanting to grab some attention with our fun and funky oranges, pinks and purples, who says compression can’t be colourful?

What’s Your Style?

Thigh highs? Below knee? Tights? Open toe? We got it! If it’s compression, it’s us – classic tights, maternity wear, single leg stockings with comfortable waist attachments, we want to be able to offer you the perfect fit for your legs in need. Elegant lace tops mean compression has never looked to fashionable, pretty patterns make a statement, and contemporary opaque blends add a fashion-forward look to any outfit. We bet you never knew how on-trend a compression stocking could be!

Select Your Compression Stockings by Colour for Fashion

Feel Fantastic

What do you want in your stockings? Silk? 100% cotton? ...Bamboo? Our range features a huge variety of different blends and knits to deliver a unique look and feel to every model we stock. We guarantee they’ll feel great on your skin and look even better on your relieved legs. Wanting to ward off latex? No problem, try some of our latex-free models for your complete comfort.

Shop with Class

All our compression stockings are clearly marked and helpfully organised by class so shopping for your perfect compression level couldn’t be easier. If it’s Afnor you’re after or RAL you’re wanting, a few simple clicks will show you the best we have to offer, and we only offer the best!

Knowledge is Power

So empower yourself with our knowledge centre telling you everything you ever needed to know about compression stockings. Our easy-to-digest infographics fill you in on the basics and our great articles will inform you about the who, what and how of buying, picking and wearing your compression garment of choice.

A Helping Hand

We have all the extras you need to make the most out of compression therapy, not only  a large range of arm sleeves and gauntlets for your top-half, or ulcer care kits to treat skin conditions, but accessories to help keep stockings and tights looking and feeling great. Skin-friendly adhesive lotion keeps stockings right where you want them, specially formulated washing solutions keeps them looking like new, and there’s some handy little gizmos in there too, to help you slip them on with total ease. 

What more could you want from a store? A friendly customer service team? Ok, we’ll add that too.

Get to know our shop, our range and the wonderful world of compression at CompressionStockings.co.uk!