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Diabetic Socks

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Silipos SoftSock Arthritis and Diabetes Gel Socks

  • Padded sock with 6mm of gel
  • Excellent protection from friction
  • Non-restrictive cuff
  • Supplied in pairs
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Diabetic 12% Silver Socks

  • Socks featuring 12% genuine silver
  • Soft & comfortable, no inner seams
  • Can help prevent fissures & dry skin
  • Elastane and rubber thread free
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Silipos Arthritic and Diabetic Gel Socks

  • Optimum protection for nerve damaged feet caused by arthritis and diabetes
  • Helps to reduce friction, abrasion and shear forces while preventing calluses
  • Serves as a soft tissue supplement where the fat under the foot has worn away
  • Gel cushioning provides pressure relief, pressure distribution and comfort
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1000 Mile Diabetic Sock

  • Circulation-aiding diabetic socks
  • Protects against blistering and abrasion
  • Padded sole, toe & heel
  • Breathable material to keep feet fresh
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FitLegs Diabetes Cotton Socks

  • Breathable fabric made from 100% cotton to keep feet dry and comfortable 
  • Designed with a soft toe seam which is ideal for sensitive or swollen feet
  • Fragile skin is prevented from damage with its non-elasticated material 
  • A range of sizes allows for precise fitting
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Page 1 of 1:    5 Items