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6 January 2016  |  Admin

If you are one of the 3.9 million people in the UK living with diabetes, then you are sure to know how important foot care is when living with this condition. Reduced blood supply to the feet is a common symptom of diabetes, leading to loss of sensation and posing a real danger of injures going unnoticed, taking significantly longer to heal and being susceptible to infection.

For legs and feet afflicted by diabetes, caring for your limbs can seem like a constant task, and can include anything from keeping from crossing your legs, which can constrict circulation, to keeping toenails trimmed in order to avoid placing undue pressure on the surrounding skin. Shoes should provide ample space and not rub or squash the toes, and even your socks should be suitable for diabetic feet.

Going on the hunt for medicated socks may seem a particularly tedious or daunting task, which is precisely why we’ve made it easy for you with our range of perfectly suited healthy hosiery.

TLC for Toes and Feet

While the idea of medicated socks may paint images of thick, uncomfortable and very noticeable garments that are certain to have no place in your sense of style, you’d be totally wrong! To look at, diabetic socks are no different from the regular sort, but the benefits they offer are far superior.

Placing less strain on the foot than the elasticated bands of standard socks, they help prevent the effects of peripheral neuropathy, a.k.a. loss of sensation in the foot, and also negate the circulation-compromising effects of a regular knitted top band. This small change in your socks can make a big difference to your feet’s overall health when diabetes has made them particularly sensitive.

Even the seams of your socks should be considered when it comes to keeping your feet in tip-top health. For feet which should avoid injury at all costs – be it a graze, a cut or simply a scratch from jagged toenails – seams can be problematic at best. It’s fairly common for socks to move around during the day, and no doubt you have experienced a bunched sock causing seams to snag or rub uncomfortably inside your shoe. For diabetic feet such incidents can lead to irritation and inflammation, and for feet which are already sweaty inside heavy socks, the skin is all the more vulnerable to this initial injury and to any infection that may follow.

Diabetic socks are seamless, completely eliminating this problem while promoting high levels of comfort. Some models even incorporate a gel sole to protect and cushion the feet from friction and shear forces from below.

Safe and Warm (Or Cool)

Keeping your feet nice and warm is also key when dealing with diabetes, increased temperature means increased blood flow. For feet already suffering from compromised circulation, this is key to happy, healthy heels and toes. Silver socks are the best solution for feet in need of heat. Featuring real silver, these socks benefit not only from its natural anti-bacterial properties – another key issue when it comes to keeping diabetic feet healthy – but its insulating capabilities. Reflecting back your natural body heat, silver socks help retain heat, keeping heels and toes warm and giving circulation a much-needed boost. For feet that have sustained an injury, keeping the area clean and promoting blood flow to promote faster recovery is vital for staving off infection. Similarly, having a breathable material that prevents sweat build-up (which can soften the skin and make you more vulnerable to rubbing and blisters) is vital in the summer. Diabetic socks also feature anti-bacterial properties, so the bacteria caused by sweat is prevented from causing any unwanted side effects. 

For something so simple, the correct pair of socks can make a huge difference, keeping feet clean, warm and protected. Visit our online store to find your perfect diabetic sock, to help make your life easier and feet happier!

Diabetic 12% Silver Socks

Diabetic 12% Silver Socks

£13.99  -  £14.98
  • Socks featuring 12% genuine silver
  • Soft & comfortable, no inner seams
  • Can help prevent fissures & dry skin
  • Elastane and rubber thread free
Silipos Arthritic and Diabetic Gel Socks

Silipos Arthritic and Diabetic Gel Socks

  • Optimum protection for nerve damaged feet caused by arthritis and diabetes
  • Helps to reduce friction, abrasion and shear forces while preventing calluses
  • Serves as a soft tissue supplement where the fat under the foot has worn away
  • Gel cushioning provides pressure relief, pressure distribution and comfort